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Memories of an Island Dream – Day 10

Memories of an Island Dream – Day 10

view over Edinburgh

I used to say: there’s no tour of Scotland without Loch Ness and Edinburgh. This was about 20 years ago when we had far less visitors in our ‘honeypot’ destinations. You will have noticed that our tour didn’t go to Loch Ness, but … here we are in Edinburgh, not only because it is from here that our visitors will take their flights home. It is well worth a visit. Although many of our Island Dreamers have been to Edinburgh before, we spend the morning on a city tour to some less visited and open places. The Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh offer beautiful walks and vistas over the city. Calton Hill at the east end of Princes Street, and very much in the heart of our Scottish capital, is an ideal spot to survey the cityscape. The same goes for Holyrood Park. Lastly, Princes Street Gardens nestled between the old and new towns, is a well used green city oasis. However, like many tours, ours finishes in Crown Square of Edinburgh Castle. Our 5 islands seem far away from here, but will remain fresh in our memories.

Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh - Ross Fountain
Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh – Ross Fountain

But hold on, I promised you 11 days of an Island Dream and yes, I will be back tomorrow. Up until a couple of years ago, our tour started with a wonderful experience – a visit to Mull and Iona. Let’s go there (virtually) tomorrow … .


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