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Safety Protocols for Guiding

Safety Protocols for Guiding

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Scotland is slowly and cautiously opening up the lockdown. This means the tourism industry can provide more and more services, starting on 15 July 2020. RavingScotland is looking forward to providing guiding services again and we will initially focus on walking tours in open areas with the occasional visit to attractions. All our Tourist Guides are members of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association (STGA) and we are grateful for the guidance we have received from our professional body, which you will find below. 

STGA Covid Good to Go Protocol

As part of their Professional training, STGA guides are expert in effective and sensitive group management techniques, on walking tours, in visitor attractions, visitor sites and museums. In addition, the Scottish Tourist Guides Association has created safety guidance for tourist guiding.

STGA Guides are strongly advised to abide by this guidance, and guidance at attractions, sites, and museums during the Covid-19 crisis.

  1. STGA Guides will all be identified by the badge they wear which includes the STGA logo at the heading of this notice. It also has the name of the guide on it. The badge may have a blue, green or yellow background.
  2. Guides will ensure they are familiar with the most up-to-date public health guidelines and will adhere to these for the duration of the tour. They will give you advanced notice before the tour begins of how to be safe on the tour, enjoy the tour, and have fun while maintaining Scottish Government public health advice.
  3. Guides will maintain government-recommended social distancing between themselves and clients at all times. On tours where the group includes different households, guides will encourage and help clients to adopt appropriate social distancing between each other too.
  4. When guiding groups from different households, guides will follow government guidance to determine the maximum possible group size.
  5. Guides will avoid shaking hands or any other physical contact with clients.
  6. Guides will apply rigorous hygiene practices, including thoroughly cleaning and waiting for hands to dry before guiding, and use a personal hand sanitiser when this is not possible.
  7. Guides will be wearing a mask or visor according the Scottish Government recommendations and will comply with the protocols of agents and coach companies they work with.
  8. STGA guides will know where public toilets/hand-washing facilities/hand sanitiser points are available.
  9. Remote audio devices (such as Whisper, Vox and various apps) can be effective for social distancing on guided tours. Guides will happily work with tour companies using these systems.
  10. STGA guides are experts in the tourist sites they visit with clients. Guides will ensure they are fully aware of sites’ specific Covid-19 requirements and comply with them.
  11. STGA guides will be familiar with more crowded areas and will make best efforts to negotiate them, or if appropriate, avoid them.
  12. STGA guides will liaise with coach companies and private vehicle companies and drivers to check that vehicles have been thoroughly sanitised.

13. Driver guides will ensure their vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside after previous use. They will follow licensing authority and national Covid-19 regulations for cleaning their vehicles and maintaining air-conditioning systems. Driver guides will carry disinfecting wipes, hand sanitisers and paper towels in their cars, and will use face masks.

STGA Board of Directors.

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  1. Tony tmolyneaux.

    I agree, we have the same in place in South Africa, as we open slowly.We have a badge we wear and carry Tourist Guide ID card with everything on.this card must be on your person at all times, same as the badge.

  2. Viola Lewis

    Great idea!

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