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New Season – New Chapter – New Website

New Season – New Chapter – New Website

Spring is returning to Scotland and so are the visitors. It also brings a new chapter and a new look for RavingScotland.

The new chapter is ‘Tourism for All’ our guiding services for guests with or without learning difficulties and physical impairments. This includes calm tours of Scotland and sustainable walking tours in Glasgow, Scotland’s most vibrant and diverse city.

The new look comes with a new logo and a new website. A big thank you to talented and hard-working Ian Potter of LightPress Media and Design in beautiful Perth for creating the website and Dill Design Glasgow for producing the eye-catching logo. I hope you like them both. Drop me an e-mail to let me know what you think.

Watch this space where I will be posting my news and links to exciting things going on. I like to take you on a journey through words and photographs … before you come and experience Scotland for real. I also have a little helper, who will introduce himself shortly. Hamish, the sheep, will have his own space here on our website to share his adventures.

So, off we go, step by step … or shall I say let your imagination fly with RavingScotland.

Yours Aye, Viola



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