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Meet Hamish the Sheep

Meet Hamish the Sheep

photo by Viola Lewis

Hello Friends,

I’m Hamish the sheep. I like to travel the world and see new things. I’m very curious and clever (if I may say so myself). To get around I travel with Viola. She is a tourist guide and works all over Scotland. We also go on holiday and sometimes work in different parts of the world. I have been to many countries, recently to Georgia, where I saw the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea.

My favourite country is Scotland. I like it because I meet many other sheep and there are so many quiet, beautiful places. The photograph of me was taken in the Orkney Isles. In the distance – if you look carefully – you can see the Ring of Brodgar, a huge circle of tall Standing Stones. It was very windy and I like to feel the wind in my wool. I don’t mind the rain, but I’m not very keen on getting washed. Anyway, too much about myself.

I have no idea where I will be travelling this year. Come and follow me …

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