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Last chance to see Dippy the Dinosaur

Last chance to see Dippy the Dinosaur

photograph by Viola Lewis

Today I went to a big Museum in Glasgow. The name of the museum is Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. I got a big surprise when I arrived in the main hall. I had been there many times before, but today I saw Dippy the Diplodocus Dinosaur – well just a cast (like a sculpture) of his skeleton with lots of bones.

Dippy is on tour and will leave the museum next Monday 06 May. If you want to see him go this weekend.

It really is quite a sight. I read Dippy is 26 metres long and he has huge legs. They had to support his 15-tonne body. That’s the same weight as 10 cars.

He has tiny bones in this long tail. I don’t want to get hit by this tail. See how small I am compared to Dippy.

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